Five Seatbelt Buckle Key Holder

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Five Seatbelt Buckle Key Holder

This Seatbelt Buckle key holder consists of five aircraft seatbelt buckles with a great miniature aircraft fuselage background. Our top seller from aircraftwindows.

With this key holder in a great airplane design, the Seatbelt Buckles serve as a keychain. The Seatbelt Buckle is firmly attached to the aircraft and the Seatbelt Buckle serves as a fob for your keychain.

Thus, you have the opportunity to hang up to five keys on this Seatbelt Buckle key holder and never lose them again.


  • Dimensions: 56,0cm x 19cm x 2,5cm (13,0x7,5x1,2in)
  • Seatbelt Buckles: 3
  • Material: Brushed aluminum
  • Aluminum thickness : 1,5mm
  • Mounting: via dowel in the wall (included)
  • Shipping Category: I

Ready to ship: 1-5 business days plus shipping time depending on the country.

Finish Option
With the optional Plexiglas Cover Option, you have the possibility to order the windows with a 0.5mm thick Plexiglass pane - for an even nobler look and great reflections in the sunlight.

Everything you need for the installation, of course, we supply free of charge. The key holder is attached to the wall with four screws, dowels and spacers. For details, please refer to the product images.

100% Handcrafted
Our products are lovingly handcrafted in Germany. Every rivet, screw and step is done by hand. This is our quality promise from us to you. 

Important Note
The key holder is sold as in the photos, without keychains. No Original aircraft part! Please note that for delivieries outside the EU, additional costs for custom clearance may apply.

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