Double Wall Bar

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Double Wall Bar

Treat yourself to this extraordinary aircraft furniture in the form of an aircraft fuselage window, which is built to resemble the aircraft window size of a Boeing 777.

With this aircraft window wall bar your apartment becomes an aviation hub. An absolute highlight for all aviators and aviation enthusiasts.

This aircraft bar window segment is laser cut from high quality aluminum and finished with real rivets to reproduce the look of an original aircraft window. The wooden construction consists of upcycled pallet wood in various designs.

The airplane window dimensions correspond to a Boeing 777. I myself am a long-haul pilot on this model and have designed and built this construction together with a metal aircraft worker in careful and detail oriented craftsmanship.


  • Dimensions: 90cm x 75cm x 17cm (35x29,5x6,7in)
  • Shelf depth: 12.5cm (5,0in)
  • Material: brushed aluminum
  • Aluminum thickness: 2,0mm (0,8in)
  • Wood: Upcycled fir wood from a pallet or oak wood
  • Fastening: using dowels in the wall (not included)
  • Shipping Category: III

Ready to ship: 1-7 business days plus shipping time depending on the country.


Variants: Fir wood
With this variant you choose an aircraftwindows classic, in this original pallet wood - which was previously in the use of goods around the world - carefully reconditioned and processed.

Otherwise, the pallet wood is untreated and thus skilfully underlines the aircraft / industrial character.

Flamed & Oiled
The aircraft window side wall in this chic Flamed & Oiled design impresses with the elegant, darker contrast to the hand-brushed aluminum.

The pallet wood for your aircraft bar is first carefully sanded. In the following, the wood is treated with the burner to create an individual character - thereby each aircraft bar has its own character.

The final finish is achieved by an ecological wood glaze, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also guarantees a great coloring and longevity of your aircraft bar.

In this variant, the wall bar is made of oak wood. The elegant contrast of this high-quality wood in combination with the aluminium is an absolute eye-catcher.

Since the wood is a natural product, there may be deviations in color and grain.

Black Edition
The reclaimed pallet wood for your aircraft bar is treated with a black wood stain to create an individual & expressive character.

Beach White
In the Beach White Edition, the pallet wood is lightened by a white wood stain without completely covering the beautiful wood marbling. The perfect beach summer look.

100% Handcrafted
Our products are lovingly handcrafted in Germany. Every rivet, screw and step is done by hand. This is our quality promise from us to you. 

Important Note:
The aircraft rack is sold as in the pictures, without content and lighting. No original aircraft part! Please note that for deliveries outside the EU, additional costs for customs clearance may apply.

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