Aircraft Windows Design Furniture

Our aviation furniture is lovingly handcrafted in Germany. Every rivet, screw and step is done by hand. This is our quality promise from us to you. 

Furthermore, no airplane has to be destroyed for your aircraft furniture - because we love them far too much for that. In our opinion, an airplane belongs in the air and not in the aircraft graveyard, therefore we offer the sustainable alternative.

The great and distinctive look of an aircraft but without having to destroy a real aircraft. 

My name is Benjamin, I am a passionate long-haul pilot myself on the Boeing 777F and based in Frankfurt am Main. Additionally I am the founder and managing director of aircraftwindows.

With my love for flying and passion for aircraft furniture I am dedicated to bring unique and beautifully designed aircraft furniture into your home. 

Your aviation furniture is as individual as yourself, thus we offer our wall bars and aircraft windows in different kinds of wood and up to five different color options. 

Airplane Design Furniture
Our airplane design furniture are true eye catchers and not only a delight for every aviation lover but also absolutely in trend with their chic industrial design. Imagine your very own aircraftwindows aircraft furniture in your own home and you will notice that it is always the center of attention. 

Aircraft furniture is timeless and fits perfectly into any modern environment, as they are real style icons. Your guests, customers and friends will be as impressed as you will be. At aircraftwindows, we offer our popular aircraft furniture in a variety of styles.

Our wall bars in five different colors
Available as a great aircraft window in fuselage sizes from 1 to 4 windows
Or as a mirror in the sizes of 1 to 3 windows
Not to mention our great and unique airplane furniture key holders with three or five windows respectively. In this case, the aircraft seatbelt buckles serve as a holder for your key. 

Our aircraft furniture wall bars
An aircraft furniture wall bar from aircraftwindows is as individual as you are. We offer our aircraftwindows in four different sizes and five different colors. There' s the perfect home bar for everyone.

The windows offer enough space to display all of your special awards, trophies, plants or fine wines. A depth of 12cm in each shelf creates enough space for creative ideas.

Our airplane furniture windows are laser cut from high-quality 2.0mm aluminum and then finished with genuine rivets to achieve that unique airplane appearance. The matte brushed finish is achieved by hand through intricate and meticulous polishing of the surface, making each piece of aircraft furniture unique. 

The perfect home bar for your office, hotel or living room. Your guests and customers will love it. The assembly is very easy because of the pre-assembled wall brackets and as usual in aviation - lightweight construction.

Our airplane furniture windows
Do you also prefer to sit at the window in the airplane? You' re not alone, because the window seats on the airplane are always the first to be booked out. This is absolutely understandable, as flying itself remains absolutely fascinating even 100 years after the Wright Brothers' first flight.

So how about bringing this fascination and feeling of freedom home? Our stunning aviation furniture windows offer precisely that. Your very own airplane window for your four walls. We are offering our windows in the popular sizes of, 1, 2, 3 or 4 windows.

The surface of the aircraft windows is lovingly and laboriously polished by hand to create the elegant silver matte finish. The installation is very easy because of the already pre-assembled wall brackets - all you need to install your aircraft furniture are two screws and dowels. In addition, your airplane window is especially lightweight, as just as in aviation, it is made of lightweight materials and weighs only a few kilograms.

Our aircraft windows furniture Mirrors 
Our aircraft window mirrors are the latest product variant of aircraftwindows and have been enjoying extreme popularity.

The aircraft window mirrors are also made of the elegant and strong 2.0mm aluminum using the laser process. Afterwards, the surface of your aircraft furniture is manually polished in laborious work to get the luxurious matte finish.

The windows are fitted with a mirror and reflect everything that is dear to you. Our airplane window mirrors are so unique that neither you, nor your guests or customers will be able to walk past the great design without looking at themselves.

Not only in the entrance area our aircraft mirrors will make an extremely good figure, also in the bathroom, office or hotel they will make a great first impression. 

Our airplane window mirrors are available in one, two or three window versions as well as in four different colors. This makes your airplane window as unique as you are.

Order and delivery
We are always striving to bring your new aircraft furniture gem in the fastest way to you. That is why we offer free DHL/UPS Express shipping within Europe. In most cases we ship within a few days and you may always inform yourself about the current delivery time in the respective item description.

Have fun shopping, Benjamin