Aviation furniture - the fascination of flying in your own home

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We build aviation furniture in the form of wall bars, key holders and accessories.
The desire of the human being to fly is probably as old as the human being itself, to watch the birds circling in the sky, seeming to defy gravity and at the same time appearing to be completely detached from all earthly worries and fears. 
With our aviation furniture creations we try to bring exactly this fascination for our customers into their own home and make them experience it on a daily basis. Aviation furniture is more than just a design statement - which, admittedly, will probably be the most highly regarded design element in your home. 

Aviation furniture is emotional, it reminds us of past trips with our loved ones, when we started an unforgettable vacation by boarding an aircraft. Aircrafts have always fascinated us, it is not for nothing that the profession of the pilot or flight attendant is still a dream job, despite all odds. Likewise, the professional pilot is still one of the most respected professions in the world. Aviation furniture embodies all those longings and joys we associate with watching a bird in the sky.

Aviation furniture reminds us of the moment when we first boarded an airplane and our longing not only to see but to actually experience another, culture and country. To feel and understand differences in cultures and in the process grow ourselves and to become a better person. Travel and the desire for new things has always driven mankind to go new ways and develop technologies that allow us to do just that. This also explains why the aircraft is not just a technical, albeit ingenious invention, but something very emotional with which we see a vehicle that allows us to satisfy our desires. This is exactly the reason why we design and produce aviation furniture. They remind us every day of all the beautiful memories and experiences we associate with aircrafts and traveling.

They remind us of our first family vacation overseas, counting down the days until we finally get on the plane and go on vacation. The sleepless night before it finally meant getting up early in the morning and going to the airport to gain many wonderful new impressions.

Aviation furniture stands for all these dreams and desires and that is why it is not only furniture that we hang in our homes, but so much more.

We know how to build beautiful aviation furniture which is not only attractive to look at but also affordable for many people. All the emotions and memories that we evoke with our aviation furniture designs should be accessible not only to the upper 10,000 but rather to everyone who aspires and wishes to be reminded day in and day out of all the wonderful memories that travel and flying evoke in each of us.

We offer a variety of aviation furniture designs for every taste, starting with the key holder made of aircraft seatbelt buckles, in which the buckle serves as an attachment to the wall and the so-called Seatbelt Buckle as a fob for the key. 
Let's remember our first time traveling by air. For many of us, this certainly took place in childhood. Let's recall the butterflies in our stomachs when we first boarded the aircraft. Let's remember when the captain's announcement echoed through the loudspeakers and we were told to prepare for takeoff and fasten our seat belts. With our key holder aviation furniture you get these memories back into your everyday life. Every time you snap your keys into the seatbelt buckle, you will recall those very moments and bring a smile to your face. Aviation furniture is not furniture as the name might suggest, aviation furniture is a way to remind us of the many beautiful things in life that we associate with flying. With each click of the key into your personal seatbelt buckle, you recall that tingling feeling in your stomach from your first flight as a child.

The moment when full thrust was applied to the engines and the aircraft began to vibrate and slowly gained speed. The initial feeling of heaviness is soon replaced by a lightness that only an airplane can convey - despite its weight of many tons and its size similar to a skyscraper, we are soon climbing towards the sky.

Aviation furniture is much more than just a design element, it is a dream fulfiller and a remembrance of moments of lightness and carefreeness. Transferring the responsibility completely to the captain of the aircraft and feeling completely safe and secure, trusting that only seconds after the taking off you will fly weightlessly and carefree like the very bird in the sky that you initially admired and envied in order to travel towards the future. 
In the design of our aviation furniture, we constantly try to laser these feelings into aluminum and press them into rivets.

We love airplanes, that's why we don't use original aircraft parts but create this very special look out of aluminum. We at aircraftwindows think that airplanes are meant to be in the sky. Just like that free bird, for whom gravity is just a word and not a constant of nature. With our unique items of aviation furniture we promise you that each piece is carefully and thoroughly handcrafted in our workshop Germany. We design our aviation furniture with exactly this attention to detail, that will make you feel reminded of your first flight.With our aviation furniture you can be sure that no airplane had to be cut up for our unique design items. You get the quality promise that our aviation furniture looks like aircraft parts, is made from the same materials but has not been subjected to any violent impact on an aircraft. 

After all, we love airplanes and flying far too much to do so.
The materials of our aviation furniture are chosen so that they are in no way inferior to the original and ultimately you can be sure to get exactly the design and feel of the original. Our aircraft parts are made from high quality aluminum in 2 mm thickness using a high precision laser method. This guarantees not only the highest quality but also a robustness and strength like a real airplane flying in 33.000ft over our beautiful earth, almost effortlessly like the bird we were looking at so longingly at the beginning.

The construction of an airplane requires thousands of engineers, designers and a lot of other experts to first develop a not only good looking but also flying aircraft out of aluminum, carbon and many other high quality materials, to then build it and finally to let it take off and circle reliably and efficiently over our heads and our oceans for decades. Our aviation furniture at aircraftwindows is developed and manufactured in our atelier in Germany, in equally meticulous and tedious work and love of detail. Of course, each of our aviation furniture is handcrafted and individually produced for you. 
The development of our aviation furniture was started in cooperation between a metal aircraft builder and a long-haul pilot of the Boeing 777 in a joint cooperation exchanging forces and synergies and has continued until today.

This is exactly the expertise and quality that goes into our design furniture and will give you the feeling of freedom and the longing memories which you have of your first flight.

Our aviation furniture assortment, as mentioned at the beginning, offers the perfect design piece of gem and longing filler for every taste and budget. Our exclusive aircraft window aviation furniture wall bars in sizes from 45cm to 180cm and 1, 2, 3 as well as 4 window cutouts offer the right size for every apartment, house and or commercial use. Our aviation furniture wall bars represent a very special lifestyle and are not just a design feature - albeit an absolutely beautiful one - but for a memory.

Our wall bars are very versatile and can be used in many different ways. They are perfect as a home bar and let your favorite drink stand out from the crowd. Friends and customers will immediately turn their eyes towards your airplane window wall bar and will surely ask you what this great aviation furniture is all about. 
For our customers, their aviation furniture wall bar stands as a symbol of past days and moments from their lives, of a distant memory, of a journey or just that feeling of freedom. As Cesare Pavese said, "We do not remember of Days but of Moments". It is these moments and the emotions that we associate when we look at the hustle and bustle of the airfield in the airport lounge and let our thoughts wander wistfully, wondering where each of these aircraft is headed. Each of these aircraft assembled from aluminum and tens of thousands of rivets that allows us to reach almost any point on this earth in a matter of hours and to experience it.

Our aviation furniture wall bars bring this feeling of longing directly into their homes, and manage to create a sense of life like no other item. They bring us back to the airport lounge and remind us of the high-quality drink we enjoyed and experienced shortly before departure with the view of the many aircrafts outside. They make us reminisce about the moment when, after a slightly turbulent takeoff, the seatbelt signs went off in cruise and the friendly cabin crew began their service.

A few minutes later, you're holding an ice-cold soft drink in your hands and gazing longingly outside, the quiet roar of the engines and the wind rushing by at almost a thousand kilometers per hour just a few centimeters away from you. This feeling of letting your mind wander is conveyed by our aviation furniture wall bar. Every time you go to your wall bar and take a drink from the high quality aluminum laser cut and rivet pressed piece of furniture, these memories will come flooding back to your mind.

You probably won't know why or how, but our memory will link these moments and let our thoughts wander - even if only for a moment - and let all our worries and fears fade away for a little second.

To make it even easier for you, we offer our exclusive aviation furniture wall bars in four different wood finishes, for all nature lovers who like bright, natural wood tones and colors, there is our fir wood variant. This aviation furniture wall bar captivates with a natural light wood color and reminds of a walk in the morning dew through freshly mowed grass and creates an excellent symbiosis between the industrial material aluminum, from which not only the outer skin of many aircraft consists but also their own personal aviation furniture wall bar for your own home. The warm and natural wood, of course completely untreated offers a beautiful contrast with its soft shapes and the light fir wood color.

Individual design options are very important to us in our aviation furniture range, because only so you will identify 100% with their own wall bar and all the longings and feelings to travel and the feeling of Combine freedom with this. For all those who like the industrial look and upcycling appeal, we offer our aviation furniture wall bar in the trendy Flamed & Oiled design.

It is also the wonderful natural material wood, that is carefully sanded and prepared for its further use in your exclusive wall bar. The wood is further treated with a burner to create a unique flame structure. The so-called flaming creates a very own and with every aviation furniture wall bar unique appearance, as the wood structure is highlighted by this flaming process quite wonderfully. 
In combination with the brushed and industrially produced, as well as high-precision laser-cut aluminum, the result is a very special industrial yet warm mix of materials. This mixture of metal and wood creates aviation furniture that will make you remember old airplanes of days long gone. 

Of the many large junkyards for abandoned airplanes in the west of the United States of America where jetliners of bygone days wait under the burning sun of Arizona and California to be disassembled into their individual parts and recycled. In the final step of the upcycling process of our Flamed & Oiled aviation furniture variant, the wood is refined with an eco-friendly wood stain and the industrial character is fully realized and an absolute classic is born. 
This variant exudes its own elegance and it is no surprise that it is the most popular variant, since the contrast between the natural product wood in its flamed and consequently darker and very unique color structure and the silver-colored brushed aluminum result in a wonderful contrast - an aviation furniture as strong in character as its counterparts in the sky. 

Every piece of aviation furniture is as individual and unique as the human being itself, and isn't that exactly what makes every person and every object so valuable and desirable? No human being is like another, no two moments are the same. Every second and every thought is somehow different from one another. Every flight, even the one thousandth, the umpteenth time experienced flight on the same route is always different and can be experienced completely new. As a professional pilot, we experience these moments every day, and although similar, they are always completely different. The environment is never identical, neither now nor in a second or eternity. Even if the external circumstances seem to be completely identical, we as humans with our feelings and emotions and how we perceive our environment as such are different every time. Because we evolve and learn to change with every breath. 
As different as we humans perceive every second, hour, day and year, so different is a natural product and ultimately our aviation furniture products. 

A recent new addition to our aviation furniture wall bar range is the Black Edition wall bar. 
This version goes a step further, it is expressive and characterful and knows exactly what it stands for. A strong contrast optimized to the maximum and attracting attention. The warm, natural fir wood set in a deep black wood stain and later combined with the brushed aluminum creates an aviation furniture that is aware of itself and skillfully takes center stage. Expressive and competent, just like you and yet completely unique and individual. 

Rounding out the top of our aviation furniture wall bar range is the oak variant. The oak has always been seen as a faithful and robust companion and constant in the lives of many, it can survive for over 1000 years and many generations of people. The oldest oak in the world currently stands outside of Charleston, North Carolina, is known as the "Angel Oak" and is over 1500 years old. It is no surprise that oak is synonymous with durability and longevity, making it a wonderful material for our aviation furniture. 
A single oak tree experiences so much during its life and it sees the world change day in and day out, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse but never consistently. The first manned, powered flight is attributed to the Americans Wilbur and Orville Wright. With their machine, they took off for the first time on December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina and have since been known as aviation pioneers. This landmark event happened less than 120 years ago, yet it has changed our lives so greatly and completely. 

Oak wood aviation furniture therefore walks hand in hand, the enduring oak and mankind's urge for change and longing for space embodied in the emblem of the airplane. our oak wood aviation furniture wall bar represents exactly this attitude and by the way, the contrast of the oak wood and the brushed aluminum also looks quite superb. It's like it was meant to be. Whatever you end up putting in your aviation furniture wall bar, it's guaranteed to be an absolute eye-catcher and cleverly showcases any item while enhancing it in the process. 

Aviation furniture is a material symbolization of our desires and dreams to discover the new and to travel the world. Aviation furniture represents precisely the attitude to life and the sense of freedom that we experience the first time after a long flight, flying over several continents and seas, when the plane door opens and all our senses perceive completely new and never before experienced sensations. 

This is not just a design feature, it is so much more, our Aviation Furniture Collection is something so much more emotional. 

Opening the airplane door for the first time in India, not without reason called the land of contrasts and contradictions - letting our senses perceive the smells of fresh spices and feeling almost suffocating heat for the first time. Or perceiving the almost unbelievable cold of Siberia for the first time with all our senses. It is easy to read about all these experiences or let your thoughts wander, but ultimately one can only become one with the environment when actually being there. When our breath turns to white smoke, our skin constricts and our eyelids slowly begin to freeze. This is when we realize with all of our senses what a wonderful planet of great contrasts we are privileged to occupy. All this and so much more we try to represent with each of our aviation furniture design items and hope that our customers will be inspired and stimulated by them to dream. The earth is beautiful and every moment should be experienced as such.

Our aviation furniture collection is emotional and so are we, after all it is nearly impossible to look at traveling and the allure of flying without feeling emotions. We try with our aviation furniture products to combine all these feelings and moods and hope that you will not only see this in the quality of our products, but also feel it when you touch the selected materials and experience all this together. 

We at aircraftwindows love airplanes and we love our aviation furniture and I am sure that you will do the same. 

Enjoy your shopping,