Flying and vacationing with aircraft furniture for your home

Flying and vacationing with aircraft furniture for your home

Do you like flying? Do you love the feeling of sitting in an airplane and looking at the world from above? Do you want to enjoy this experience at home as well? Then aircraft furniture is just right for you!

Aircraft furniture are original parts from different types of aircraft that have been converted into unique and extraordinary design objects. Whether airplane seats, airplane windows, airplane trolleys or airplane propellers - there is hardly an airplane part that cannot be used as a piece of furniture.

Aircraft furniture are not only visually appealing, but also practical and functional. They can serve as seating, tables, cabinets, shelves or decoration. Some aircraft furniture are even illuminated or smart home ready. For example, you can equip a wall bar made of an airplane window with LED lights and control it via an app.

Aircraft furniture are also a great way to preserve your travel memories or to arouse your wanderlust. Imagine sitting in an original airplane seat in the living room and watching a movie about your next destination. Or dining at a table made of an airplane wheel in the dining room and telling stories of your past adventures. Or impressing your guests with a wall bar made of an airplane window and serving them a drink.

Aircraft furniture are not only suitable for private individuals, but also for business customers. You can, for example, equip your reception area, your office or your conference rooms with aircraft furniture and create a modern and innovative atmosphere. Or you can surprise your customers or employees with an original gift from aviation.

Where can you buy aircraft furniture now? There are various providers on the internet that specialize in aircraft furniture. One of them is aircraftwindows.de1, a German company that makes aircraft furniture lovingly by hand. Every rivet, screw and step is done by hand. This is their quality promise.

At you will find a large selection of aircraft furniture from all over the world at fair prices. For example:

  • Wall bars made of airplane windows: These are laser cut from high quality aluminum and finished with real rivets to replicate the original airplane window look. You can choose between different models that are based on the big airliners of the world.
  • Aircraft containers: These are original luggage containers from various airlines that have been converted into upcycling design side tables. They are sturdy, spacious and versatile.
  • Aircraft trolleys: These are real globetrotters, as they have already spent many thousands of flying hours in the air and are true originals. You can use them as serving carts, minibars or storage options.
  • Key boards: These are handcrafted key holders in chic airplane design. The seatbelt buckles serve as key chains. The seatbelt buckle is permanently attached to the front of the key board and the seatbelt piece serves as a key chain for your key ring.
  • Mirrors: These are made from original airplane windows and give your home a touch of flair.
  • Windows: These are original airplane windows that you can use as wall decoration or picture frames.

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So fly off and discover the world of aircraft furniture! Whether for yourself or as a gift - with aircraft furniture you bring the flying experience to your home!

To make you even more eager to fly and aircraft furniture, we have compiled some stories of flying trips for you here. Let yourself be inspired and dream of distant countries and exciting adventures!

  • The history of aviation: If you want to learn more about the development of flying from the beginnings to the present day, you can go on a time travel vacation. The history of aviation includes the inventions and discoveries of pioneers such as the Wright brothers, Louis Blériot, Charles Lindbergh or Amelia Earhart. You can also learn more about the technical advances and challenges of flying, such as supersonic flights, space travel or stealth technology. The history of aviation is an exciting and fascinating journey through time2.
  • The educational trip: If you are interested in culture, art and history, you can take an educational trip. This form of travel emerged in the 18th century, when many nobles and wealthy people traveled Europe to broaden their horizons. The educational trip usually led to Italy, France or England and included visiting famous sights, museums, churches or castles. The educational trip was also an opportunity to learn other languages, make contacts and get inspired3.
  • The luxury trip: If you want to treat yourself to something special, you can book a luxury trip. This form of travel emerged in the 19th century, when the first hotels, railways and steamships made travel more comfortable and faster. The luxury trip was aimed at wealthy customers who valued exclusivity, service and quality. The luxury trip usually led to exotic countries such as Egypt, India or China and included staying in luxurious accommodations, tasting culinary specialties or participating in social events3.
  • The trip for everyone: If you just want to have fun and relax, you can take a trip for everyone. This form of travel emerged in the 20th century, when the airplane made travel mass-market and affordable. The trip for everyone was aimed at broad sections of the population who valued recreation, variety and entertainment. The trip for everyone usually led to popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Greece or Turkey and included staying in simple accommodations, using leisure facilities or participating in organized excursions3.

As you can see, there are many different ways to travel and fly. No matter which one you prefer - with aircraft furniture you can bring the flying experience to your home! Take a look at and let yourself be amazed by their offer! With aircraft furniture you make your home a place to feel good and dream!